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Keeper of the Lost Cities-Shannon Messenger Review

Is Shannon Messenger the JRR Martin of MG fantasy? Yes she is! You know early on, before HBO, when only the truest of nerds would have admitted to loving the books (yup, me). Messenger delivers the same exaggerated world of unparalleled beauty and splendour (Lanisters abound), daring, adventure, romance… But this is MG grade people, so get your minds out of the gutter. No breasts, no flaying, just good clean elfin fun!

The books really do have it all. You want to see the ogres defeated but really, you just want to know if its Fitz or Keefe! As noted before, mine is well past fantasy but she’s waiting with bated breath for the delivery of the latest tomorrow.

As for me, I definitely did not hold out reading the compendium to the last book because I was afraid the broken spine would give me away!

(protagonists are between 13-16, there is some violence and death and lots of heart pounding crushes… barely a kiss to be found though)

Read the series it and then you’ll know what I mean when I say “Glitter But.”

Wings of Fire-Tui T Sutherland Review

This is where it all began…about 5 years ago. Potter was done (because we insisted on reading the whole series out loud-why else do people have children?) and she was ready to embrace a series all her own. Then we found Wings! Now, there is much to recommend this visit into the world of dragons. For instance, it’s just dragons… they are not just the trusty steed to sword wielding children. Then there is the delightful fact that Book 1 focuses on the protective, kind, not overly brilliant and yes, some may say hunky, Clay! Oh Tui, how long I have waited to have a character wear my name so well! Pick the first few up for your 8-9s (depending on reading level) but only if you are prepared to go all in for 14 books, plus the ancillary series about a different generation!