Beyond the Doors


A middle-grade fantasy, for adventure-lovers 9 years old and up.



Welcome to Book 1 of the Beyond the Doors Trilogy!

Hazel Benedict wishes she could make a difference in a world torn apart by war.

But what difference can a Thirteen-year-old WWII evacuee make when she’s been sent from England to a strange mansion in the Canadian woods?

All the difference in the world if you are a Ranger–– a rare teen who can travel through mysterious doors to other worlds. Hazel and her new companions will have to navigate those worlds and stay one step ahead of Eris, a lovely, but sinister foe who threatens to tear the worlds apart.

To succeed, the Rangers will need bravery, friendship, excellent sandwiches, and one extraordinary marsupial!

Hazel never could have guessed the difference she would make …

Beyond the Doors

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