About Clay

After years of jobs both delightful and dull, Clay decided to stick with words full time. She writes and edits across many genres and industries.


Clay’s first series,  a fantasy series for middle grade readers, is in stores now.

Clay also has a YA sci-fi in the works and is an enthusiastic student of short and flash fiction.

In the past, Clay wore the hats of project manager, historic building steward and educator, grant writer, grant reviewer and untold more (including pizza maker and garment manufacturing accountant–decidedly out of character for one afraid of maths).


Clay has a BA in history from Haverford College, Haverford PA, USA and an MA in Historic Preservation Planning from Cornell University, Ithaca NY, USA. As a result, she loves history and the built environment from times past as they exist in our current landscape.

When Clay isn’t ‘living in the past’ or visiting and creating fantastical places, she runs (very slowly), walks the fluffy dog she never thought she’d have and explores with her husband and teen daughter. A native New Yorker, Clay and her family have followed her roots back to the UK where they live and play in North London. Clay will not engage in arguments about which is better, London or New York, why argue over perfection?