Beyond the Doors: The Final Closing

The final chapter for the Rangers of Fairwarren begins…

When Hazel followed a twisted, but very much alive Eris, into Nether she thought only of saving her friends and the Wards. But she and Bec quickly realize that the in-between of Nether is a perilous place to track a foe. Unsure if they are the hunted or the hunters, defeating Eris begins to feel impossible–even with the help of old friends. When Eris makes her way back to Fairwarren the true battle begins, and every Ranger and Warden is put to the test.

All the while, Hazel has sensed a troubling truth… that the greatest threat to the world may not be Eris at all–but the Wards themselves. The residents of Fairwarren don’t see eye to eye but when the Corridor starts to unravel, the Rangers need to find a way to come together before the everything comes apart!

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