Beyond the Doors, Book 2: Rescue

The second book in the Beyond the Doors series has arrived!

The Ward adventures continue…

Hazel is safe at Fairwarren – for now, but she struggles alone to master abilities she doesn’t understand, while watching the growing team of Rangers prepare for action. 

Outside the mansion’s walls, the threat of Eris – cold, beautiful, and monstrous – remains a dark shadow over the Wards. She is determined to build an army to destroy Fairwarren and is stealing children to do it. 

The Rangers are badly in need of training, but when one of their own is taken, there is no time to waste.  Hazel’s newfound powers and the Rangers’ bravery continue to be tested as they try to save innocent children from Eris’s experiments and prevent the destruction of Wards she seeks.

Just how many must fall for their rescue to succeed?


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